Who Studies Here
As a result of the College’s interdisciplinary emphasis, you will find that Modal University College students are as diverse as the personal, academic, and professional backgrounds they bring to their studies. The diversity of the Modal University College community is one of the top reasons why students should choose to study with us.

At Modal University College, we have almost as many women as we have men studying Applied Sciences, Health Sciences or Business. The male/female ratio is 65% women to 35% men.


People of all ages come to study at Modal University College. There are those coming straight out of undergraduate studies, those going back to school after some years in the workforce, those enhancing or shifting vocational direction in their mid-life, and those wanting to pursue studies after retiring from full-time work

enrollment by programme
on campus or distance education
At a time when many schools are turning to distance education to deliver their degrees, we still believe in the value of face-to-face, on-campus education. However, we are planning to offer distance education options for students who wish to supplement their on-campus studies with distance courses, or to jumpstart their degree before relocating to Sogakope.
part time or fulltime

At Modal University College, we define full-time students as those taking an average of 13 to 16 credits or more per semester. Based on this number, the majority of our students study fulltime.