Important dates
Please note that these dates are subject to change.

All deadlines close at 4:30 pm.

Admissions-related deadlines at Modal College are completion deadlines, meaning all application requirements have been met and all required official documentation is on file with the Admissions Office by the deadline.

MON. 6th Aug.2018 to 24th Augt.2018 Registration (3 weeks)
Mon. 27th Aug. 2018 to 5th Oct. 2018 Lectures Begin
Mon. 8th Oct. 2018 to 19th Oct. 2018 Lectures and Mid-Semester Examination
Mon. 22nd Oct. 2018 to 16th Nov. 2018 Lectures Continue
Mon. 19th Nov   to 23rd Nov. 2018 Revision
Mon. 26th Nov. to 30th Nov. 2018 End of Semester Examinations (1 week)
Mon. 3rd Dec. to 7th Dec. 2018 Vacation
Mon. 10th Dec. to 21st Dec. 2018 Practicum
Mon. 22nd Dec. to 5thJan. 2018 End of Semester Break
Mon. 7th January, 2019 Reopening Day