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About Us

Working at Modal means you have so much more than just a job—it’s a rare opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the education and growth of others. Staff and Lecturers at Modal share this common purpose.

There is something intrinsically rich about working in our community.

This is a place to flourish—professionally and even academically. Many of our staff members complete courses, or even full degrees while working at Modal University College. They’re invited to contribute creatively and use their gifts—professionally.

Our staff and lecturers say this place gets into their DNA and becomes an important part of them. You can throw your heart into work at Modal.

Reasons To Work At Modal
You matter. There’s a collegiality that extends to all levels of Modal University College staff and lecturers. It’s an inspiring atmosphere of collaboration and respect.
Creativity is embraced. Your skills can flourish. We encourage our staff to use all their God-given gifts and passions.
Free courses. Employees can audit a course or even complete a full degree, for free.
A shared purpose. Staff and lecturers are all working towards a common goal. That singularity of purpose makes for remarkable unity.
Rich diversity. We welcome every culture, denomination, and viewpoint. We’re truly diverse, but united by love for professionalism.
It’s relevant. A far cry from a traditional, stuffy institution, Modal University College is innovative, often provocative, and never afraid.
Spectacular location. Located on Sogakope, stunning campus, coming to work each day means experiencing a fresh breeze and a wonderful view of lower Volta River, in the middle of a vibrant city.
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Recent Admissions
Admission is open for undergraduate and graduate programmes for the 2019/20 academic year. For more information on entry requirements click.
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