Degrees and Programmes

When you apply to MCS, you apply to a specific programme or faculty. All first-year students begin MCS with a declared programme for which they have applied according to the requirements or admission procedures.

To get a feel for the types of classes and topics offered in each department, you may view lecture notes, sample homework, and even some videos from actual MCS’ classes.

MCS offers the following undergraduate programmes:

Under faculty of health sciences

i) BSc. Nursing

ii) Diploma in Nursing

iii) HAC/NAC Topup

iv) HND Medical Laboratory

Department of Technology

The Department of Technology offers the following programmes:

i) HND Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Department of Engineering

The Department of Engineering offers the following programmes:

i) HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering

ii) HND Automotive Engineering

Under faculty of Business

i) HND Business Administration

ii) HND Banking and Finance

Diploma in Business Studies

i) Business Administration

ii) Banking Technology and Accounting

See Admission and Finance for admission requirements.