I.T Support Services


The IT Help Desk assists students with setting up accounts and passwords, getting access to wireless internet, using the computer labs, printing, and troubleshooting. The Help Desk is located in Student Services. Visit the IT Help Desk website for detailed information and resources.


All those who have applied for admission to Modal College or who have ever registered for a course at Modal College are eligible to have a Modal Login. You will need a Modal Login to access CLICK-IT (our online course registration system), LMS (our learning management system with course materials), online financial aid application, your Library account, and the computer lab.

To reset your password, enter the email used for your admission application. Click here to reset your password If you need assistance to update your email in order to reset your password, please submit helpdesk request form, and under “issue”, select “Update email”. Click here to update your email

Your Modal Login, temporary password, and login instructions should have been e-mailed to after you registered for your first course or submitted an application for admission. If you have forgotten your Modal Login, log into CLICK-IT with your email address to retrieve your Modal Login. If you have changed your email, please submit a helpdesk request form and under “Issue”, select “Update email address”. To verify your identity, you will need to submit your date of birth, residential address and telephone. If there are any changes to residential address or telephone, please email registrar@modalcollege.com to update your particulars before proceed to retrieving login.