Mission and Values


Mission Modal University College is a private comprehensive college dedicated to nurture a humane and collaborative environment that serves the educational needs of the community by encouraging, supporting and celebrating intellectual curiosity, active citizenship, ethical leadership and respect for our diverse community. Our unique legacy and educational philosophy provide students with a broad range of experiences that foster transformation and leadership for a dynamic and global society.


Modal University College will be recognized internationally for the excellence of its programs and as an institution for excellent training and development of professionals and community leaders.


Recognizing education as the cornerstone of a democracy, MC carries out its mission based on certain fundamental, shared values. We value:

  • Citizenship
  • Social, civic and political responsibility, globally, nationally, locally, and within the College.
  • Active partnerships and a climate of collaboration and cooperation among lecturers, staff, students and the larger community.


The primary focus of MC’s long-term goals is student learning. Achieving the following goals will help students become lifelong learners and effective leaders in their professions and communities:
Innovative High Quality Programs—Develop, deliver, and continually improve high quality academic programs appropriate for a metropolitan College.
Committed Lecturers and Non Teaching Staff—Recruit and support a diverse faculty and staff known for providing the highest quality educational opportunity, scholarship, and service.
Harmonious Campus Climate—Foster a harmonious student-centered campus characterized by integrity, cooperation, open dialogue, and mutual respect among individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.
Active Community Engagement—Achieve an integral and indispensable relationship with the Sogakope Municipal Assembly; work cooperatively within MC to have a greater impact to society as a whole.
Sound Physical and Financial Assets—Develop, maintain, and protect the College’s assets in a financially, aesthetically, and environmentally responsible manner. Excellent Reputation—Participate and excel in actions that earn national recognition for quality.